About The Founder

Heather Olsen

Intuitive Therapist

Heather Olsen is an intuitive healer. Since a young age she was aware she had intuitive abilities. However, it was after a traumatic car accident that left her with a disabling brain injury that her life took a completely different turn. After many years of rehabilitating medically, going through many therapies and multiple modalities, she found the holistic route to be most beneficial for her healing. Heather decided to work on healing herself and attended massage therapy school. She then was attuned in 2009 to Usui reiki, an ancient Japanese healing modality. That is when her gifts really opened. Since then, her intuitive, psychic, medium and angelic abilities have grown even stronger. Heather specializes with helping you get to the core of your issue by tapping into past traumas, present issues, both physical and emotional, and life experiences. She helps you not only work through them, but also have a better understanding of why they have occurred and how you can free yourself from them. The goal of each session is to help you gain clarity, closure and peace.

On a personal level, she is a divorced mother of two children. She created Tru Healing Center because she knows what it is like to not feel whole. Through her personal lived experiences she has found comfort in guiding others through their own healing journey. She is compassionate, empathetic and relatable. Heather looks forward to watching her clients grow and flourish into the best version of themselves.

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About The Team


Amber Brennan

Intuitive Medium

I have been intuitive from a very young age but did not understand what to do with my gifts and shut them off out of fear . After starting my spiritual journey, I immersed myself in learning all aspects of spirituality. I took a year and half class and studied with a spiritual advisor. I got certified as a Reiki Master as well as other modalities. As I practiced, I realized I was communicating with people who have crossed over. I started focusing on my gifts and how I could help others. I absolutely love what I do and am forever grateful for my gift's and knowledge.

Joy DeCaro

Joy DeCaro

Intuitive/ Yoga/Teacher

Joy DeCaro is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.) healer, yoga instructor, childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula. She is a trained recovery specialist, as well as an intuitive angel card reader. She has also studied with Guru Singh in kundalini yoga. On a personal level, she is a married mother of three daughters and one sassy bulldog. Joy is a Bensalem native and looks forward to sharing all she has to offer with her community.



Intuitive Reiki Crystal Practitioner

Kara is a compassionate heart based practitioner. Even as a little girl she wanted to help people and spread kindness and love. She is a reiki master with a passion for crystal healing. Kara has been practicing reiki since 2015 and incorporates crystal layouts during her sessions. She enjoys sharing her experiences and understanding of crystals and their healing properties. It is also a passion of hers to offer guided group meditations and crystals classes.

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Traci Sanginiti 

Intuitive/ Tarot Reader

Traci Sanginiti is an Intuitive Tarot Specialist & has been reading for others for over 30 years. Co founder of Inspired Chi & a Non Denominational Minister, Traci is passionate about teaching others to work with their Angels & Guides to navigate life & deepen their Spiritual Connection.

Traci is a Reiki Master & uses her background in Healthcare combined with many years of specialized Holistic & Integrative Health training & tools to manage physical & mental struggles. She designs classes to align Body, Mind & Spirit.


Brianne Feinour

Founder and Lead Instructor of Mindful Kids

Brianne Feinour, the Founder and Lead Instructor of Mindful Kids, is passionate about promoting mindfulness and self-love among children and adolescents. Specializing in holistic wellness practices, she offers a nurturing environment that encourages inner peace, self-acceptance, and emotional resilience. Her comprehensive background in public health, nutrition, and energy work enables her to provide customized support that addresses the holistic needs of each child and their family, paving the way for a balanced and fulfilling life.

From Trauma to Triumph

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In this episode healer extraodinaire, Heather Olsen shares her unusual path that led her to do the amazing work she does today.  She calls it "Saving Souls!", Marilyn and I call it an undeniable miracle every time we get to spend some time with Heather.  Enjoy this powerful and healing conversation, listen in to hear how we all discovered that the energy of Reiki has played a huge role in all of our lives and opened us up to express our unique gifts to the world. Looks like Reiki was the "Key!"

Listen Here